We have posted different printouts that we have prepared and passed out to the youth and leaders at our Cross Street Youth Camps and Advances in Florida.  Feel free to download them, print them and pass them out!

June 2015

Hearts on Fire – Session #4 – The Radical Call

This is Session #4 of the Hearts on Fire Discipleship Course.  In this lesson we do a brief review of the Radical Call, the Radical Commitment and go over our Commitment sheet goals.  In this weeks lesson we go over the guidelines for Fire Check Partners, and teach on the HOF theme verses including what happens when our works are tried by fire as described in 1 Corinthians 3:10-15.

Hearts on Fire – Session #3 – The Radical Call

In this session we go over the Radical Commitment, the Purpose and Focus of the group, our Commitment Sheet and Goals and do a brief study in Ephesians 6 regarding the Spiritual Armor.

May 2015

Hearts on Fire – Session #2 – The Radical Call

Half of this message is missing because of a recording glitch.  The part that is missing is dealing with the Church at Laodacia in Revelation 3.

Hearts on Fire – Session #1 – The Radical Call

This session was taught during a mission training session for the Cross Street Peru Mission Team.  In it we are talking about making a Radical Commitment to Jesus by responding to the Radical Call.

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